Workforce Managment

Payroll COMPLETE, Workforce Management solution is just that, a source for solutions. Whether you want the whole kit-and-caboodle, or are looking for a little of this and a little of that, we’ve got the systems, the services, and the support to handle just about anything you can throw at us.

payroll services

Retirement Plan Reporting

401(k) and SIMPLE Retirement Plans, no problem, we calculate, prepare remittances and report on your plan for you.

Section 125 plan administration

Pre-tax, after-tax, plans, no worries, we got this for you. Are you taking advantage of the tax savings this type plan offers? Let us help!

Employee Self-Service

No need to pass out pay-checks. Pay stubs, W-2s are secure and online for each employee instantly.

Mobile / Tablet Friendly

Payroll when and where you need it. There’s an app for that!

Executive Dashboards

See the big picture! And get the detail you need with a drill-down click in real-time.

Create Branded Jobs

Create branded job postings and submit your jobs online thru dozens of job boards with the Hire on the Go solution

New Employees

Promote your job listing on job boards and social media in one easy step

Proficient Vetting

Review and rate your applicants for easy organization and easily share among key team members for approvals and next-step actions.

Video Interviews

Invite applicants to video interviews


Schedule phone and/or in-person interviews with qualified applicants

Online Offers

Send online offers letters to your ranking choices

Streamline Hiring

Receive acceptance letters with electronic signatures and mark as hired to trigger electronic on-boarding process seamlessly and fully integrated.

Maximize Time

Send bulk “Thank you but no Thanks” emails.

Fully Integrated

HR compliance and company on-boarding documents are a snap and all integrated.

Time Managment

Learn from your hiring experience thru dashboards and metrics what is working for you best i.e. hiring channels, job boards to optimize your next hire.