Time Keeping & Attedance

Integrated and seamless timekeeping that fits your needs and improves productivity. Need a better system that fits your needs, travels with you, at your finger-tips, connected and real-time, easy to manage, saves you time and money, not to mention head-aches? No problem!

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Clock In Options

We have options for clock in via: mobile device, tablet, computer, key fob, proximity card, finger-print or swipe card. Connected via to wi-fi, internet and enabled devices.

Workforce Scheduling

With Schedule on the Go employee scheduling has never been so simple and easy. Manage employee schedules in real-time instantly.

employee schedules

Create employee schedules, make changes and communicate in seconds in real-time instantly with this simple and affordable scheduling solution.

Reduce errors by 75%,

Reduce errors by 75%, save time and frustration with Employer – Schedule on the GO. No paper, no chasing employees down, just simple on-screen clicks.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting, corrects time-punch errors instantly and online.