Our enterprise package, designed for large and growing mid-size employers. Employers that are concerned about processes and systems for gaining efficiencies, managing workforce, compliance, reporting and communications. Look no further, our cloud-base solution, specialized expertise and real-time, caring, customer support are here for you.

Our Enterprise Package includes everything from our Small Business Package Plus more!

Employee communication tool in real time

Electronic paystubs, W-2s, Time off requests, Benefits Statement

Human Resource / Employee documents

Timekeeping/time cards, Employee Reviews, Company Directory

New hires without any paper.

Electronic signature on government, agency and company forms all organized in one place to save you time, store you HR docs in one place for safekeeping and get new hires on-board hassle free.

Store documents in the cloud

Workflow the way it should be. Enter data once and populate across multiple forms

Notifications to track onboarding process

No need to worry, we make sure your are informed the whole way.

Human Resources Support

HR help when and where you need it. No need to hire an HR professional that might be cost prohibitive and not understand your business needs

HR documents online

Employee Handbook, Policy Library, Job Descriptions, HR Forms, Checklists, Guides, Letters, Federal Laws, and State Laws

Document Customization

Handbook Development, Optional Access to a HR Professional

Performance Management

Hiring, Terminations, News

All of our packages can be fully customized to fit your business’s needs.Payroll Complete


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